Wednesday July 17 Afternoon

Mark Isselhardt

University of Vermont

Extension Maple Specialist

Proctor Maple Research Centre


Mark has been involved with maple research and education for over 20 years, the last nine of which as the University of Vermont Extension Maple Specialist. In that role, Mark leverages degrees in Forest Management and Plant Biology as he leads the Extension Maple Program with a mix of original research and outreach activities with established maple producers and individuals looking to learn about maple at all scales of production. From Minnesota to Maine and across maple producing areas of Canada, Mark has given hundreds of presentations, interviews and personal consultations related to all aspects of maple production including sugarbush management, sap collection, syrup production, syrup quality and grading. Mark seeks to bring a more complete picture of current best practices and innovative solutions for iconic non-timber forest product to an international audience through high quality writing, presentations, images and video to support the sustainable development of the maple industry.


Tauseef Khan, MBBS, PhD 
Research Associate
Department of Nutritional Sciences
Faculty of Medicine,
University of Toronto


Tauseef's work focuses on rare sugars in natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup and how these components are associated with health benefits. He has published on the cardiometablic health benefits of honey, rare sugars and health and is working on a project looking at maple syrup and health focusing on its rare sugar component. 
He plans to provide an overview of the state of research findings on maple syrup and health and will touch on the aspects of research he is undertaking. There is much left to discover still when it comes to health and maple syrup and his objective will be to instill a sense of promise and excitement among the audience.