Thank You for our Generous

The Ontario Woodlot Association (OWA) is a not-for-profit grassroots organization governed by an elected executive committee, and a volunteer board of directors. The OWA is comprised of a strong network of 22 regional chapters. Our members own and manage woodlots throughout the province and include individuals and organizations that support our goals. We believe that private landowners have a key role to play to ensure that sustainably managed forests remain a part of Ontario’s future. 

Locally, the Near North Chapter was created to give woodlot owners a voice for those residing on the boundary between the Deciduous and Boreal Forests in Ontario. The properties are north of Ontario’s heavily populated areas, with highways 11 & 17 connecting and intersecting in the middle of our membership area. To date, we have held meetings, presentation and field tours in the towns of Mattawa, North Bay, Sumdridge, Burk’s Falls and South River. Our members come from the area stretching from Deep River/Mattawa over to Temagami in the north, west towards Sudbury then towards the northern edge of the Huntsville boundary. In the past seven years we have discussed subjects in our meetings covering invasive species, mushroom propagation, Trees Ontario programs, regeneration techniques, hardwood management, brush saw clearing, endangered species, weed competition management, Forest without Borders projects, OWA initiative, forest inventory, market indicators, and others. Nipissing Forest Resource Management, which, under SFI, has provided great direction, is an important industry supporting member of our programs. Other forestry organizations in our area are Westwind Forest Stewardship and Algonquin Forestry Authority.